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Why Us

MySchoolPage makes it easy for students to top their exams! With our LIVE, 1-to-1 online tutoring sessions from some of the best teachers in the industry, we ensure that our students breeze through their exams.

Our signature MySchoolPage e-tutoring System, the MTS, combined with expert tutors, a continuous student-teacher feedback loop and customized lesson plans guarantees top performances in class while ensuring that our students enjoy their learning process.

Expert & Certified Teachers

We have a pool of certified tutors who are passionate about teaching and follow a student-focused approach. They are great at addressing every child’s specific challenges and learning needs. They encourage logical interactions and provide regular feedback for the students to perceive their academic lessons more easily.

Custom-Made Lesson Plans

We employ a need-based approach that allows us to personalize our lesson plans for the students’ learning requirements. This also encourages the student to raise questions and clear their doubts then and there. Our student-centric teaching style will address the student’s unique learning needs and help them easily succeed in exams.

1-on-1 Online tutoring Classes

The Student Teacher Ratio is strictly 1:1 at MySchoolPage. We ensure that our lessons are tailor-made to meet our students’ abilities, interests and learning style & speed. Since every student gets the individual attention of a teacher, they will find it easy to interact, clear their doubts at any time, and learn faster than they usually do.

Well Defined Teaching Methodology

We created a unique MySchoolPage e-Tutoring System called the MTS. This is a highly structured method based on Richard E. Mayer’s ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning.’ MTS uses a 9-stage lesson organizational structure, cognitive tools, self-diagnostic tools and more to ensure better engagement, superior retention and great results.

Flexible Tutoring Scheduling

You get to choose your desired tutoring times and schedule the classes accordingly. Our online tutor will join the student for a tutoring session at the time of your preference. We give the flexibility for our students to learn at their desired time so that they are always indulged in their tutoring sessions and learn in a more interactive setting.

Cutting Edge Teaching Platform

We connect the teachers and the students virtually through our live, shared online platform. Our online learning platform has a live whiteboard coupled with many tech teaching tools and brings the essence of a physical classroom right to your doorstep. Students can also replay any tutoring session on-demand for frequent revisions.

Constant Feedback & Assessment

A continuous feedback and reporting mechanism is employed by MySchoolPage to create well-defined evaluation reports on the students’ progress. The parents can always access these reports and learn about their child’s progress at any time. This collaborative approach will help students learn better and deliver excellent exam results.