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Why just let your child play a game when you could be making your child create one of their own? Enroll them now to give them an amazing start to the world of game and web development. Let them dazzle their friends with newly acquired skills

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Course Benefits :
  • Be your creative best
  • Unveil the mysteries behind coding
  • Learn how to break down hard problems to solve them better
  • Learn how to analyse data
  • Get started on the most popular skill in the world
Game Development :

In our basic course, your child will learn :

  • The basics of programming using the Scratch platform developed by MIT
  • To code elements using simple programs
  • To make a card
  • To make a character dance
  • To name & animate characters
  • To play a hide and seek game
  • To paint with Gobo & Spiral Maker
  • To make an orchestra or a choir
  • To record your own voice and use it in a program
You will get a certification after successful completion of this course

In our advanced course, your child will learn :

  • Additional elementary programming skills using the Scratch platform
  • To make a maze game
  • To create animations using different costumes and backdrops
  • To create an advanced Pong game
  • To create a magic story
  • To create an advanced calculator
  • To create Road Crossing, Race and Baseball games
Your child will have a final project to complete and can stand to win a certificate from us!
Coding :

In our basic course, your child will learn :

  • Getting Acquainted with HTML
  • Designing a Webpage – Theoretical approach
  • Page Formatting
  • Text Items and Objects
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Working With Text in CSS

In our advanced course, your child will learn :

  • Creating Lists
  • Links
  • Basic Tables
  • Forms
  • Creating Backgrounds in CSS
  • CSS Tables

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