Let your child learn a new language, brush up lateral thinking, nurture the coder inside through live, one-on-one, and online summer courses from the Experts

Robo IOT

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Help your child take the first step towards the future. Learn to create their own bot and be the master of their creation.

Geeky Geek

Why let children play games when they can create their own? Let them explore the world of game and web development, and surprise their friends with their newly acquired skills.

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Hola! Encourage your children to explore opportunities around the world. Speak French, Spanish, Hindi, and Kannada at ease. They will say “Muchos Gracias" !

Tinker Thinker

Introduce your child to lateral thinking this summer. Develop their creativity, unconventional thinking, and problem solving abilities.

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Who said learning Maths cannot be fun? Let your child have fun with numbers, Vedic Maths, and hone their logical reasoning skills.

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